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Tanning Lotion

Our Megasun Lounge Customer Advisors often face clients who do not understand why they should use one of our tanning lotions for indoor tanning. The answer is straightforward: indoor tanning lotions give even better results than tanning without them. They are also an important part of keeping your skin looking radiant and healthy for much longer.

As you probably noticed, there are more than one type of tanning bed at the Megasun Lounge. There is also more than one tanning lotion. This is not to complicate the indoor tanning, but to be able to better tailor tanning experience to our customer’s goals and expected results. Our Customer Advisors will be able to share their knowledge and suggest the best product out of Megasun Lounge range of accelerators, bronzers, tingles or coolants to further enhance your tanning experience as well as keeping your skin healthier.

When your skin is not properly moisturized by a product like a tanning lotion, it reflects UV light and does not tan effectively. To get the most out of your tan as quickly as possible, a tanning lotion is nothing short of essential. Helping you achieve your ideal shade is part of Megasun Loungemission, and that is why, every single one of our locations offers a variety of lotions made with the highest quality ingredients, including a 24-karat gold particles.

Tanning lotions available at the Megasun Lounge locations are carefully chosen with a particular focus on active ingredients which supplement your skin cells with the proteins to enhance tanning process. They are specially formulated to give you a long lasting tan by helping retain UV-induced melanin for longer. Any light exposure can easily dehydrate your skin, and all our tanning lotions are contributing to replenishing moisture lost during your tanning sessions.

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