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Solarium in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

For simple and easy tanning in a luxurious environment, visit Megasun Lounge!

Our indoor tanning services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi include such options as solariums, tanning booths, tanning spray and tanning lotions.

Solarium – The Perfect Tan

At Megasun Lounge, we guarantee you a natural-looking bronze tan in our solarium - tanning bed, Alpha Intellisun. A Solarium is a room used for artificial tanning. It is generally equipped with sunbeds and sunlamps. The advantages of using our indoor tanning are:

  • Controlled exposure to UV light which is safer than the natural light of the sun
  • Helps fight acne, giving you clearer skin
  • It doesn't cause burns that arise from natural tanning. Our state-of-the-art skin analyzer, the EasyCare, controls the strength of the light depending on your skin’s melanin level
  • It increases blood circulation (Applicable only for stand-up machines with Vibra Nano Plates)
  • For just a few minutes per session, you can achieve beautiful evenly-tanned skin, instead of getting over-exposed to the sun's harmful UV-rays.

The Alpha Intellisun is a technological perfection

Solarium Abu Dhabi
Solarium Dubai, UAE

Tanning Booths

Megasun Lounge proposes customers two kinds of stand-up booths for that perfect tan you are seeking. They are the:

  • UV light tanning has different wavelengths of light. The booth lets you move around more easily compared to a tanning bed.
  • Spray tan – This paraben-free tanning solution is for those who do not want to use UV tanning equipment and desire instant results. Our automated booth guides you through the entire session and our customer advisor team is fully trained to assist you on shade choices and to provide guidance about the session and after-care.

Our stand-up model is one of the most powerful on the market

We Offer:

  • Years of expertise
  • State-of-the-art-equipment
  • Range of tanning services
  • UV-free tanning solutions
  • Paraben-free spray tan

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