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Indoor Tanning in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

We offer a variety of indoor tanning services. Visit us!

Established in 2009, Megasun Lounge is the specialist in Abu Dhabi and Dubai when it comes to tanning services. We have a range of tanning beds, stand-up booths and spray tanning solutions.

Indoor Tanning Solutions

Indoor tanning means controlled tanning, and is undoubtedly the only way to provide an optimum exposure of UV light to your skin.

Megasun Lounge's mission is to help you look tanned and healthy in an easier and responsible way. We believe that everything should be dosed in moderation, so our objective is to provide a perfect balance to give you a fresh, healthy looking skin and a long-lasting tanning effects using the latest German products.

Helping you look tanned and healthy

Indoor Tanning Abu Dhabi
Indoor Tanning Dubai, UAE

Tanning Coupled With Vitamin D

At Megasun Lounge, we lay a lot of emphasis on health and well-being. We believe that Vitamin D is probably one of the most essential of them all for any human being.

Our tanning beds and booths are the fastest and probably the safest tanning beds for your source of vitamin D. Each tanning session will pump the optimal vitamin D levels in the most natural way through your skin while you are lying on one of our tanning beds.

Your trusted source of vitamin D

Some of Our Equipments:

  • Alpha Deluxe & Alpha 7900
  • Prestige 1400
  • Revolution D
  • Hurricane

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